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Getting your flu shot still the best way to fight off influenza: Northern Health

With flu season right around the corner, Northern Health reminds residents to get vaccinated.

A lot of people seem to be split about getting their flu shot as a recent Insights West poll shows just under four in ten British Columbians won’t get vaccinated this year citing misconceptions about the flu shot.

Medical Health Officer Rakel Kling advises everyone to protect themselves against influenza and the side effects of the shot are minimal.

“It’s a shot with very few side effects and like most people, at the very worst, they might get a sore arm or redness from the flu shot but it’s a very safe and very effective vaccine and a great of combating against the flu.”

Kling explained to Vista Radio what type of strain is being monitored in 2019.

“Just noting from our provincial counterparts, we are seeing some of the H3N2 virus in BC over the summer so it’s something to watch for this year I believe.”

“Evidence is reviewed to see what strains are circulating and then it’s based on the strains that are circulating in the southern hemisphere to make the best decision that can be made on the strains to include this year. It’s an educated guess I would say about what strains to include in the flu vaccine but it’s usually quite good.”

For any who is still on the fence about getting vaccinated, Kling adds northern residents have a couple of additional avenues they can explore.

“I would absolutely advise the flu shot for everyone and not just those that are at high-risk and I would just say to those people who are unsure about getting the flu shot, it might be best to talk to their primary health care provider or a local nurse that might know more about the flu shot.”

She adds flu shots are especially important for young children as well as the elderly.

Updated information on where people can get vaccinated will be made available at a later date.

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