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We’ve reached the halfway point of the federal election campaign; Orange Shirt Day was almost a statutory holiday

Candidates split between B.C. and Ontario as the campaign continues

20 days down, 21 more to go in the federal election campaign. Candidates are focusing on Ontario and B.C. on Monday. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has spent a week straight on the west coast. Green Leader Elizabeth May is also in B.C. and will make an announcement around noon local time. Meanwhile, Conservative and Liberal leaders Andrew Scheer and Justin Trudeau are both in Toronto. Scheer is touring local businesses. Trudeau is expected to make an announcement on gun violence.

More spending promised if Liberals are reelected

The liberal party platform is out and includes almost $60 billion in new spending, according to conservative math. The 85-page platform titled ‘Forward a real plan for the middle class” and touches on jobs and the environment. It includes a lot of spending which would add an additional $5 billion to the deficit. Meanwhile, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is facing questions of his own. Liberals are pushing the fact that he never got his license to be an insurance broker, a job he listed on his resume before getting into politics.

Canadians across the country honour those forced into residential schools

There was potential for a new statutory holiday for Orange Shirt Day, but it didn’t get tabled in time before parliament went on break for the election. Monday is meant to remember all the first nation children who were taken from their families and put into residential schools. The holiday was proposed in 2017 and was potentially going to be renamed the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

A more positive mindset can apparently add years to a person’s life

Apparently being negative can send you to an early grave, at least compared to more optimistic people. According to a study from the medical Journal JAMA, positive people had a 35% lower risk of major heart complications, stroke or heart attack. It found the more positive the person, the better the chance to avoid cardiovascular problems.

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