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HomeNewsTwo homeless camps near Fourth Ave cleaned

Two homeless camps near Fourth Ave cleaned

The homeless camps near the treed area along Highway 16 have been cleaned up.

Last week, tents and campers were removed from the treed area and were able to find rentals in Telkwa and Houston.

Alan Harris, Chief Administrative Officer said in an email they have cleaned up the area where the camps were located.

“In order to address fire concerns, and improve site lines, brushing of the treed area along Highway 16 has been taking place this week and should be completed today [Friday],” he said.

Concern spiked about the homeless camps at the latest Smithers council meeting. A letter was sent to the council about the safety of residents in the Fourth Ave area.

Neighbors were worried about party’s, fights and people even found syringes in their backyard.

Harris also said the tents by the green space by the apartments are still in that area.

“We are still working with the inhabitants of the two tents in the grass area. When the campers have found accommodation the tents will be taken down,” he said.

Council approved of $8,000 last month to provide extra cleanups for the area.

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