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English language leader’s debate sees personal attacks and lots of noise; Violence paralyzes Haiti

Debate format is receiving scathing social media reviews

The six federal party leaders levied fierce and personal attacks at the English language debate.  Liberal leader Justin Trudeau was the main target but volleyed his own attack against Conservative leader Andrew Scheer on the Tory’s climate change policy.  NDP leader Jagmeet Singh also took aim at the two frontrunners by saying there is an alternative to Mr. Deny and Mr. Delay, referring to Scheer and Trudeau’s stance on the environment.  The format of the debate also received criticism on social media with many saying it did not give leader’s enough time to speak and there was too much arguing.

Haiti enters fourth week of violent anti-government protests

Violence continues to erupt in Haiti.  The country is in its fourth week of anti-government protests that has closed schools and paralyzed the economy.   Protesters are angry over rising inflation, government corruption and shrinking supplies of gasoline and food.

Hong Kong leader says calling in Chinese military is a possibility

The leader of Hong Kong has warned she could call in the Chinese military if protests continue.  Carrie Lam says if the democratic reform protests become so bad she could ask for Chinese intervention but said a resolution to the uprising should be found by Hong Kong’s government itself.

More dead elephants found

The death toll of dead elephants at a National Park in Thailand has climbed to 11.  Wildlife officials say the carcasses of five more wild elephants were found downstream from a waterfall where six elephants were found last week.  Park officials say the elephants died while trying to reach a dead calf.

Fido and Fluffy are good for your heart

Not only are they you’re best friend but owning a dog may help you live longer.  A new study out of a Toronto hospital shows that dog owners live longer and have a one-third lower risk of dying from heart issues.


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