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BC High School Rankings, LDSS a “Fast Improvement”

The Fraser Institute published their Secondary school rankings earlier this morning (Thursday).

The assessments show how schools are doing academically in subjects such like math, English, and science, based on other BC and Yukon schools.

While not scoring the highest in District 91, Report Card Co-author Peter Cowley had great things to say about Lakes District, who have jumped up 2.7 points in 5 years.

“That qualifies as a very fast improvement but also statistically significant. By that we mean real change as a result of something that’s been done or something that’s happened, as opposed to just random fluctuation from year to year,” he says.
Burns Lake ranked 174th of 289 schools ranked with a score of 5.6. They are 1 of 22 schools with a statistical increase in the rankings.

District 91 – Nechako Valley was represented by three other schools as well: Nechako Valley at 136th (6.0), Fraser Lake at 259th (3.9), and Hazelton at 284th (1.4)

Three schools represented District 54 – Bulkley Valley: Bulkley Valley Christian at 24th (8.4), Smithers Secondary at 107th (6.5), and Houston at 151st (5.8).

The provincial average was 6.0. For a complete list of schools click here.

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