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HomeNewsVoting at advance polls up by 25% in the first two days 

Voting at advance polls up by 25% in the first two days 

Across the north and Canada, residents came out to cast their ballots in advance polling stations over the long weekend. 

“We have preliminary numbers for the first two days of advance voting, that’s for Friday and Saturday, and across the country, about 2 million people have voted already,” said Andrea Marantz, spokesperson for Elections Canada.

“That’s up about 25% from 2015, which also set a new record for advance poll voting at 1.6 million votes in the first two days.”

Regional numbers and final statistics on all advance polling days will be available later this week.

Marantz said these high advance poll numbers don’t necessarily bode well in terms of higher voter turnout for the election. 

“We’ve found if you really look at the numbers from all the elections, that it’s really not predictive, that sometimes a great turnout at the advance polls will happen and then a lower turnout at regular polling and sometimes the other way around. So it’s not really predicting anything, but we’re really glad that these two million people have voted already.”   

The federal election in 2015 saw the highest voter turnout since 1993 at 68.5% of the eligible voting population.

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