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HomeNewsFirst probable vaping related illness found in B.C.  

First probable vaping related illness found in B.C.  

A provincial health officer has confirmed the first probable case of a vaping-related illness in B.C.

“We fully expect there will be more as this is quickly emerging as a significant public health issue,” said Dr. Bonnie Henry. “Vaping is turning back the clock on decades of effective anti-smoking efforts and creating a new generation of young people addicted to nicotine.”

Henry did not provide any further details on the illness or location of the person affected.

On Sept. 19 Henry issued a notice under the Reporting Information Affecting Public Health Regulation that requires physicians to report incidences of patients exhibiting symptoms that meet the national case definition.

This includes patients:

* who report vaping using e-cigarette devices, related products or other means of inhaling a variety of products in the 90 days before symptom onset,

* who have pulmonary infiltrates on X-ray imaging,

* whose illnesses are not attributed to other causes.

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