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HomeNewsICBC says 87 north crashes involve pedestrians every year

ICBC says 87 north crashes involve pedestrians every year

ICBC is warning drivers and pedestrians to look out for each other.

Between October and January, almost double the amount of pedestrians are injured in crashes in B.C. compared to the rest of the year. ICBC is launching a pedestrian safety campaign with police and TransLink to urge pedestrians and drivers to stay safe.

ICBC spokesperson Doug Macdonald said that in the North Central region every year, on average, 87 crashes involve a pedestrian and 30 of those happen in Prince George.

“In B.C., 1,200 pedestrians are injured in crashes between October and January and 670 pedestrians are injured between May and August, based on five year average from 2014 to 2018,” he said. “For drivers, we really need to be cautious, we’re seeing fog, we’re seeing that wet darkness. We need to adjust our habits and look at your surroundings for pedestrians and cyclists because they are there.”

“This is the time of year when police see an increasing number of crashes involving pedestrians. We all have a part to play to make our streets safer. Drivers should know that distracted driving and failing to stop for people walking at intersections are some of the top factors in crashes with pedestrians. Pedestrians also need to be careful and aware. We encourage them to take out their headphones and take a break from the phone when crossing the road. Reflective gear, particularly on anything moving such as arms and legs, helps pedestrians be far more visible to drivers,” said Chief Constable Neil Dubord, Chair of the B.C. Association of Chiefs of Police Traffic Safety Committee.

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