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Weekend weather looking snowy and wet

It’s looking to be wet, grey and maybe even see some snow this weekend.

There is still a chance of showers Friday (Oct 18) with a high of 8 degrees and an overnight low -1.

Meteorologist Armel Castellan explained what the Bulkley Valley can expect for the weekend.

“We’re going to see a mix of rain and possible snow so, two centimeters is our projected amount but it really depends on how those temperatures climb up throughout the day and hit 6 degrees so, we’re going to shift to rain as things progress,” he said.

Castellan also said the Bulkley Valley was warmer than seasonal last month.

“September was a little bit warmer than seasonal usually you’re hanging out at 9.9 degrees as your average and you’re upwards towards 10 degrees, almost a degree warmer in September. So far in October, you’re kind of right on par for average temperatures,” he said.

Conditions are expected to be seasonal throughout the week and into next weekend.

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