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Trudeau to hold first media conference since election; Swedish climate change activist was unaware of invitation to Victoria

#Wexit trends on social media after Tory sweep of Saskatchewan and Alberta

Later today newly re-elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will hold his first media conference. It’s widely expected he will detail his minority Liberal government’s priorities. Meanwhile, the Alberta separatist movement has taken Twitter by storm when #Wexit, a combination of Western Canada and exit, began trending Monday night and as of yesterday afternoon the movements Facebook page had over 170,000 followers.  During Trudeau’s victory speech he acknowledged the discord in the Prairies after a Conservative sweep of both provinces, saying they were an essential party of this great country.

Thunberg did not say if she would visit Victoria

A Swedish climate change activist says she knew nothing about an invitation to visit Victoria.  Greta Thunberg said in a social media post last night that she knew nothing about the invite and said she did not decline because of emissions from the public ferry system.  Thunberg will visit Vancouver Friday but did not say if she will travel to the island.

New recalls add to more than 800 products recalled since October

More beef and veal products have been recalled across the country.  The issue is possible E. coli contamination at the processing plants.  The new recalls add to the over 800 products recalled since mid-October. There have been no illnesses linked to the recalled products. To find a complete list of recalled products click here.

Extradition bill pulled in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has scrapped its controversial extradition bill that sparked months of violent protests.   The announcement comes after the release of the murder suspect at the heart of the extradition controversy.

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