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Province says wildfire rehabilitation in Nadina District will continue in 2020

The province announced on Monday the rehabilitation in the Nadina district impacted by the wildfire suppression activities will continue into 2020.

The activities have been underway since September 2018 after land was affected by firefighting operations after the wildfires.

Jim D’Andrea Wildfire Suppression Resource Manager said the whole rehabilitation process takes about two years.

“By the time we get the team mobilized and get the staffing and resources in place to get the rehabilitation work done and to get rehabilitation work done in two years is a normal time frame,” he said. 

In 2018, there were 14 wildfires in the Nadina Resource District. 

The rehabilitation work the province is working on included land recover where wildfires occurred and areas where trees and other vegetation were removed to slow the fires spread. 

D’Andrea also said they hope the completion of the rehabilitation work will be in summer 2020.

“We’ve initiated a lot of the rehabilitation work this year, we have some of the fires completed in that area. The largest fire within the Nadina District is the Nadina Lake wildfire so, that one we will start in the spring of 2020,” he said. 

The province has been collaborating with the communities to gather information and to plan the rehabilitation of the perimeter of the wildfires and use heavy equipment for the work.

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