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HomeNewsProvincial government aiming to register younger voters

Provincial government aiming to register younger voters

The BC Government introduced possible amendments to its Elections Act that would allow youth aged 16 and 17 to pre-register to vote.

Bill 43 was brought up yesterday (Thursday) in Victoria but has yet to be debated or discussed.

The proposed changes actually mirror recommendations that were made by Elections BC last year.

Elections BC Communications Director, Andrew Watson told Vista Radio this would have many benefits for younger voters if passed.

“What it will do we feel if it moves ahead, is really increase accessibility to the process and as a non-partisan administrator of elections in British Columbia, that is really where our focus lies is making sure that all eligible voters have an opportunity to participate.”

“Taking measures like this to increase registration rates will really benefit accessibility for younger voters who we had difficulty getting in the past because they are more mobile. If we can pre-register them and send them information on elections and what they need to know before they vote, accessibility will increase.”

Watson adds the 18-24-year-old demographic has a much lower participation rate than other age groups in provincial elections.

If passed, the change would be in effect for the next scheduled election that is currently slated for 2021.

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