The Bulkley Valley and Lakes District is under a freezing rain warning.

A warm front is expected to push through the BC Interior causing the warning. 

Doug Lundquist, Environment Canada Meteorologist says the freezing rain started early this morning. 

“At 7 a.m. so, we’ve had it for about three hours already it’s going to end probably around noon. The temperatures barely below zero, just a fraction below zero so as the day goes by it will warm up and change to snow and rain mix,” he said.

Lundquist also explained how freezing rain starts. 

“Freezing rain has to happen when there’s a deep enough layer of below zero temperatures so, it’s not just the surface temperature it has to be a deep enough layer where the rain into that colder than zero air,” he said.

Environment Canada is also warning people to be careful while walking or driving because surfaces may be slippery.