The Dze L’ Kant Friendship Centre is among 28 other community organizations across the province to support mental health and substance abuse services. 

The announcement was made earlier this month that $10 million in grants are awarded to community counseling programs throughout the province.

The funding will allow easy access to counseling and will have a focus on marginalized people and people who have faced barriers accessing the support they need. 

Lydia Howard, Dze L Kant Friendship Centre Spokesperson said the grant is an amazing opportunity for the friendship center to have a mental health counselor for the Houston office.

“It’s very much needed in that community so, it’s a very exciting opportunity for the friendship center and very pleased to say we are successful,” she said.

The funding from the grant will be going towards a mental health program and a counselor.

Howard also said they haven’t had an opportunity in the past to have a counselor for adults in the Houston center and that is the focus of the program. 

“There’s a growing concern about the fact that without affordable housing in Smithers many of our clients are moving to Houston and the reality is there aren’t some of the services that we offer in Smithers in Houston,” she said. 

The Houston mental health counselor will be available at the center on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.