There are only two days left for the 2019 Smithers Rotary Auction. 

The auction began on Nov 4 and runs until Thursday (Nov 21). 

Prizes that are up for grabs at this year’s auction are 2 sets of roundtrip airfare from Smithers to Vancouver, $1000 in paving services and $1000 credit from Brandt Tractor. 

Jim Butler, former Smithers Rotary President said there is not a specific project they are putting the money towards like in past years. 

“This year there hasn’t been any, one project identified so, it will be used for various projects throughout the year within the community,” he said. 

In the past, projects that they put half of the proceeds is the second arena, skatepark expansion, youth trails, Cycle 16 trail society, and the trail on Hudson Bay Mountain. 

Recently the Rotary donated some money to fix the pedestrian bridge behind the Smithers Golf Course. 

The auction has been happening for 57 years. 

Butler also said it has been successful in previous years. 

“We continue to move towards educating people that it really is our number one fundraising event for the year and all the money raised goes back into the community,” he said. 

People can bid on items either through the Rotary website or at the Hoskins Ford showroom Wednesday (Nov 20) or Thursday (Nov 21) from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m.