With the holidays approaching WorkSafeBC is reminding people to use ladders safely. 

According to WorkSafeBC,  there were 1,138 accepted claims due to falls from ladders across all industries last year across the province. 

Barry Nakahara, WorkSafeBC Senior Manager in Protection Field Services said the weather and decorating for the holiday season can cause more of a risk for injuries due to ladders.

“The weather conditions can become a little more adverse and create a little more risk when using things like ladders, frozen uneven services, slipper rungs due to ice and or snow,” he said. 

Nakahara also said to make sure the ladder is the best tool for the job but if you decide to use one to make sure it is in good condition. 

“They [ladders] are convenient and useful and I think the key there is to make sure your ladder is in good shape and that you’re using it properly, following safe practices and the advice provided by the manufacturers,” he said.

WorkBC has ladder safety videos and ladder safety resources available on worksafebc.com.