New cannabis products will soon be available on store shelves.

These changes mark the second phase of available goods since legalization in October 2018.

While availability will initially be limited, consumers will soon see the widespread distribution of marijuana-based products including beverages, topicals, chocolates, baked goods, and mints.

Additionally, stores will now also be able to sell various vaping goods.

“It’s been a long time coming I think,” commented Joe Postnikoff, one of the owners of Grasshopper Retail Inc.

However, Postnikoff also commented on the heavy taxation of newly-legalized cannabis-vaping products, saying: “there’s going to be a 20% PST on vape pens instead of your typical 7% typical provincial sales tax, and that’s obviously going to hurt the consumer a little bit.”

He praised the provincial ordering system, stating that the imposed quantity limits give northern businesses a fair opportunity to compete with lower mainland companies that have greater purchasing power.

Northern Health representative Lindsay Willoner encouraged those who choose to consume cannabis to do so responsibly.

Willoner explained that edible cannabis carries unique risk factors, and should be “stored securely, away and out of the reach of children and pets who can be naturally curious.”

Northern Health cautioned that if a child has consumed a cannabis product, poison control should be contacted immediately.

Newly-legalized merchandise will be subject to the same regulations as existing legal cannabis products.

Further information on responsible consumption can be found online.

– With files from Justin Madu,