Those who are worried about overindulging this Christmas season can breathe easy.

Northern Health Population Health Dietician Sherry Ogasawara said it’s a normal thing to eat a little more this time of year, but the trick is finding a balance.

“Eating well is not about one food, it’s not about one day, it’s really what we do cumulatively, over the weeks, months, and years that really matters.”

She advised focussing on enjoying yourself because this holiday is a celebration of food, friends, and family.

“Think about it like this: There are some foods that nourish the body, and there are some foods that nourish the soul and so if you include both, you are going to ensure eating is both satisfying and pleasurable.”

Ogasawara also stressed the importance of paying attention to your body and its cues by staying present and practicing mindful eating.