ICBC is reminding drivers to be prepared and drive smart over the Holiday season.

According to ICBC, over the holidays a crash occurs every three minutes in the province during the holidays.

In the Northern region on Christmas 15 people are injured in 87 crashes and on New Year’s nine people are injured in 48 crashes. 

Doug Macdonald, ICBC Spokesperson gave tips on how the numbers can be reduced.

“We can give ourselves that extra time to get to where we’re going, slow down, leave distance between you and the next driver if the road conditions change to adjust your speed keep in mind the speed limits that are out there are for ideal road conditions,” he said.

Macdonald also reminds drivers to not drink and drive

“One of the best things to do is to make sure is that when you’re out at your parties, get-togethers, staff parties whatever it maybe is to plan for a safe ride home so, that could include using things like the taxi, designated driver,” he said.

Other tips ICBC said is to check your vehicle, have an emergency kit, avoid distraction and to take a break.