NBC took the top spot in its category for corporate research income growth following the latest report of Canada’s Top 50 Research Universities ranking from Research Infosource Inc.

The school’s corporate research income grew by over 177% in the 2018 fiscal year to $452,000, the largest increase of any university in the undergraduate tier.

“By partnering with industry, the work our researchers do in the field and the discoveries they make in the lab can be applied directly by companies who are looking to address complex challenges and make a difference in the lives of people in British Columbia and around the world,” said President Dr. Daniel Weeks.

“The knowledge our researchers possess in a wide variety of disciplines makes UNBC an ideal partner for many industries who are seeking answers to questions that our experts can answer.”

UNBC received over $9 million in research funding in 2018, a slight decrease from the previous year.

The university ranks 46th in the country for total research income.

Some of the research highlights from the past year include:

· The opening of the Hakai Cryosphere Node, part of a $2.4 million joint research project between UNBC and Vancouver Island University focusing on the role that seasonal snow cover and glaciers play in the hydrology of key watersheds in British Columbia.

· The appointment of two new Canada Research Chairs and the re-appointment of two others.

· A $1.3 million five-year project to transform health service delivery in Northern British Columbia.

· UNBC and Carrier Sekani Family Services are partnering on a $1.5 million project to strengthen mental wellness and suicide prevention for Elders in the Northern Interior region of British Columbia.

A link to the report can be found here.