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GMO Protest Saturday

A local chef is speaking out against a big name corporation to help local farmers and keep Smithereens health-conscious.

Raeanna Layfield is organising Smithers’ chapter of the March Against Monsanto, a worldwide event that spreads awareness of Genetically Modified Organisms.

Layfield believes everyone should be more knowledgeable about the food that their eating and the effects GMO’s have on your body.

“They’re causing us health effects that we’re not completely aware of. They’re causing tumours in people, cancer, gluten, and dairy allergies. Before GMOs came out there were not no such things at gluten allergies or all these crazy allergies that people have,” she says.

The event will begin at 1 on Saturday at Nature’s Pantry.

Marchers will wear red, sign petitions, and march down Main Street.

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