The Bulkley Valley and Lakes District is under its first Extreme Cold Weather Warning of the year.

Arctic air from the Yukon and Northwest Territories made its way to the Valley and Lakes District causing wind chill values around -40.

Doug Lundquist, Environment Canada Meteorologist says the cold temperatures are expected to last until the middle of the week.

“It’s [temperatures] going to continue cold for another few days but gradually modifying ever so slightly until about mid-week and then it starts to accelerate the warming,” he said.

According to Environment Canada, the two districts did not break any records since the cold spell began. 

Lundquist is also reminding people to keep warm.

“Dress really warmly and if you’re going to travel to make sure you take warm blankets and have your vehicle prepared because I’d hate to break down in the cold weather like that and have to be waiting for help,” he said.

Environment Canada is also reminding residents frostbite can occur in minutes on exposed skin especially with the windchill.

Environment Canada issues the Extreme Cold Warnings when temperatures or wind chill creates a risk for health like frostbite and hypothermia.