The B.C. RCMP have put an Access Control Checkpoint at kilometer 27 of the Morice West River Forest Service Road on the Wet’suet’en territory.

In a news release, the RCMP said the checkpoint was implemented to mitigate concerns regarding partially felled trees and tire piles along the roadway, as well as allowing emergency service to the area.

This comes after a court-ordered injunction against those who attempt to interfere with the Coastal Gaslink Project.

Procedure at the checkpoint will include:

  • Vehicles attempting to enter the Morice Forest Service area at the 27KM mark will be stopped and occupants will be provided a copy of the injunction.
  • They will be informed of the checkpoint’s purpose and advised of the hazards, including roadway conditions.
  • Occupants requesting entry will be required to state their purpose and provide identification. Permission to enter must come from the RCMP’s Operations Commander or delegate. Persons permitted would generally include:
    • All Hereditary and Elected Chiefs;
    • Elected and other Government Officials;
    • Journalists with accreditation from recognized media outlets;
    • Persons providing food, medicine or other supplies or services required for the well-being and safety of persons behind the blockades;
    • Other persons as approved by the RCMP Operations Commander or delegate.
    • For purposes of safety, those entering must indicate their destination, estimated time of return and their understanding of the hazards present. Vehicles and persons entering will be logged to ensure awareness of who has entered and safely exited. All other vehicles will be turned away.
  • All occupants of vehicles exiting the area who were not already spoken to on their way in will be briefly detained per paragraph 10 of the BC Supreme Court injunction, asked for ID and provided a copy of the court order before they are permitted to go on their way.


with files from Catherine Garrett, staff