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Skin Tyee Hereditary Chief shows support for Coastal Gas Link pipeline during rally

Workers and First Nations groups were loud and proud during a resource sector rally in Prince George today (Wed).

Many people held up “I Love LNG or I love Forestry” signs outside the Prince George Civic Centre.

Hereditary Chief Helen Michelle of the Skin Tyee First Nation explained why she’s in support of the Coastal Gas Link pipeline.

“I’ve got families and members that are waiting to go to work who are on a standstill right now. They’ve had all of their training, got all of their tickets and some of them have small children. They need a job.”

“I feel for these people. Coming from a working family myself I was lucky that I always had a job but now with a lot of people out of work, it’s important that we go ahead so that people can head back to work.”

Challenges in forestry and mining sectors only strengthen the argument to get behind the CGL project. according to Michelle.

“The logging industry is coming to an end here, mining is coming to and and where are our people going to work? With new technology I trust that we will be safe.”

Michelle adds there needs to be a philosophical shift.

“I love my traditional territory but we all have to share. I came into this world bare naked and I will leave bare naked.”

Kathleen Connolly is the Executive Director of the Dawson Creek Chamber of Commerce who states the resource development narrative needs to change.

“We need to find a way for people to understand resource development, to understand how we extract, how we log, and there needs to be a balance in protecting the environment. This is a really difficult and complicated situation.”

Connolly believes the rally was a good way to stand up for the sector they believe in, something Canadians are hesitant to do.

“We as Canadians are terrible about bragging about our successes, we’re not good at it. This is an opportunity to celebrate and remind people that this is the fabric of our culture.”

“We are being hijacked by an agenda that is driven by Environmental Group Organizations without a shadow of a doubt, even our government both federally and provincially right now are being driven by their agenda.”

The BC Natural Resources Forum wraps up on Thursday.

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