RCMP has released a statement about an incident involving a Gidimt’en elder at the Morice West Forest Service Road checkpoint.

According to the RCMP, Carmen Nikal and two other people drove to the checkpoint stating they were dropping off supplies last Friday (Jan31). 

The RCMP said the driver provided identification but Nikal and a male passenger refused.  

Cpl. Madonna Saunderson said the passengers were refused entry and remained on the roadway. 

“As the driver went through the checkpoint, she stopped on the other side. Both the male and female passengers attempted to cross through the checkpoint on foot. They were warned that they would be arrested for obstruction if they attempted to cross,” she said,

She also said the male immediately stopped but the female proceeded.

“A police officer advised her that she was being detained.  At this point, she did not continue to push her way through and turned to walk the other way. The detention immediately ended at that point and the driver returned to take both passengers to the sheltered area,” she said. 

According to the RCMP, there will be no more police action taken on the matter.

On Saturday (Feb 1), the Gidimt’en Clan issued a release publicly condemning the arrest. 

In the Feb 1 release, it also said the RCMP will stand down while talks between the Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chiefs and the Province. 

The RCMP also said the checkpoint remains in place as a measured response to managing access as dialogue continues toward resolving the current breach of the BC Supreme Court Injunction.