RCMP confirmed 6 people have been arrested during the enforcement of the injunction order at the 27-kilometer mark of Morice West Forest Service Road in a press release Thursday afternoon(Feb 6). 

According to police, after 4 a.m. officers went into the camp at 39.5km to remove people whose presence would interfere with the lawful execution duties. 

The statement said the individuals were told the area they were occupying was part of an exclusion zone as of 3 a.m. and were given the option to depart the area or be arrested for obstruction. 

 Rcmp said 6 individuals refused to leave the area. 

“One individual was arrested for resisting arrest as well as obstruction. Several individuals, including members of the media, were transferred out for safety reasons, but not arrested,”

The release added one male was dressed in costume, fled from police and climbed up a tree. 

The RCMP also said one woman locked herself in a vehicle and removed her clothing. 

Police said a window was broken to gain access to the vehicle and there were no injuries to the protestor.

The individuals who were arrested were transported to Houston RCMP and have all had access to counsel.

Police are expecting the individuals who were arrested will be released with an upcoming court date.