A local business owner is looking to expand on one of her businesses to provide an airport shuttle as well as a grocery delivery service for the Town of Smithers since the closure of BV Taxi last month.

According to Adventure Camp Tourism Owner, Hayley Wilson her one company provides transportation to other tour operators. Wilson has a taxi license and can run people around town. 

Wilson says she is in the process of looking for drivers.

“Drivers is my number one kind of issue right now and I’ve put it out there on Facebook, I’m willing to pay to train people to get their class 4 if they’re reliable and to drive for me,” she said. 

According to Wilson, The Town of Smithers has said the first priority that Smithers needs is an airport shuttle.

Wilson also mentioned her other company Spare Hands also provides a grocery delivery service.

Wilson said she drove for BV Taxi and saw what the demand was before it closed. 

“I realized there are quite a few citizens or community members that use BV Taxi for their groceries so, I’m really happy to either take them out or they can give me their list and I can go and do it for a fee,” she said. 

Wilson said she is looking for three more drivers to start the airport shuttle program but the grocery delivery service she can start right away. 

To apply to become a driver call Wilson at  250-877-3838 or email hwilson@adventurecamptourism.com.

Kabu Ride also got approved by the Independent Passenger Transportation Board last week to run a ride-sharing service across the province.

According to Kabu, where they are available depends on the demand and how many drivers are interested.