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Flood Watch for Bulkley River Again

The BC River Forecast Centre is upgrading the High Stream Advisory to a Flood Watch for the Bulkley River and released the following statement:

“Flow levels on the Bulkley River receded this week due to slower snowmelt rates and diminishing snow packs. The Bulkley River at Quick (Water Survey of Canada gauge 08EE004) is estimated to be flowing at 660 m3/s (5-year return period flow) with a gauge height of 2.18 m. The Bulkley River near Smithers (WSC 08EE005) is estimated to be flowing at 910 m3/s (5-year return period flow), with a gauge height of 5.01 m.

Temperatures are expected to remain warm (24-26˚C in Smithers) through the weekend. Thundershowers are forecast with daily totals between 5 and 10 mm. Snow lines have receded this week with less than 10% of the snow pack remaining at the Lu Lake snow pillow (4B15P).

Continued snow melt and potential for localized heavy rain in the Bulkley basin indicates flow levels are likely to increase this weekend with forecast flows in the range of 740 to 800 m3/s at Quick (WSC 08EE004)and 980 to 1020 m3/s at Smithers (WSC 08EE005).”

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