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Safety learning at Bike Rodeo Field Trip

Many grades three and four students got out of their classrooms and onto their bikes today for a very active field trip.

The annual “Bike Rodeo” took place in the new Smithers Arena, which helps young students from schools throughout Smithers learn basic road rules and skills.

Kids got to ride their bicycle through seven different stations, including an obstacle course, slow race, and a tune up.

Muheim Teacher Liliana Pesce says her kids were very excited for today, especially one.

“One little girl actually got a brand new bike last night so she had a hard time sitting still in class today and was excited tot tell everyone about her new bike,” she says.

The event was run by Smithers Safety officer Matt Davey, who says it’s a good idea to make sure young cyclists know road rules before heading out on their own.

“this is a very appropriate age for kids to start venturing out and trying cycling for themselves, outside of their direct parent supervision. It’s just really important to know the right way of going about it before we let them out there,” he says.

And the students seemed to have enjoyed themselves, collectively referring the day as “awesome.”

The event was run by Smithers safety officer Matt Davey, who is advising all bicyclists to stay off the sidewalks.

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