The Town of Smithers has upgraded its Emergency Operations Centre from a level one to a level two.

According to Deputy Mayor Gladys Atrill, a level two means other agencies have been invited to the table and the combination is determining how the community meets the additional asks of the province and public health officer.

Atrill said level 2 is so the Town of Smithers can figure out how to assist in making sure residents are following what they are supposed to do.

“With level two it allows us to look outward a little bit, looking towards community needs and community response,” she said.

Atrill also said she doesn’t believe the EOC for the COVID-19 will reach a level 3.

“In this world never say never but my understanding is that level 3 would be when we can imagine the emergencies in the past few years in different communities in the province so, wildfire on your doorstep, community evacuation, a much more need of urgent action,” she said.

The Village of Burns Lake has also activated a level one EOC as of March 27.