The Town of Smithers, Political Leaders, businesses and Social Service Organizations have launched a focal point, where residents can make donations for those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The stakeholders met at a local virtual round table and agreed to set up the ICare COVID Response portal with the Proton Foundation, where donations will be accepted for different Social Service Organizations.

According to Smithers Deputy Mayor Gladys Atrill, residents have been expressing a desire to donate to people in need during the pandemic. 

Atrill said the portal is a way for the organizations and residents to connect.

“The donation portal that was created will allow those two to connect and it will be through those social service groups so, it’s not going to be the individual supply for support but it would be an agency who knows there’s a family in need or a specific need that is not being fulfilled any other way,” she said.

When people donate there are two buckets to donate into, one for food and essentials and another for general donations.

Atrill spoke highly on how the community has come together.

“It’s just amazing other people say here’s a problem, other people say here’s a potential solution and the community creativity just goes to work,” 

Donations will be accepted by:

All donations will receive a charitable tax receipt and 100%  of the funds will be used for local responses with local service groups.