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BL woman running 23 km for PBC victim

The wishful wellbeing of one woman is enough to motivate a Lakes District woman to run 23 km.

Rhoda Williams, 40, is a mother of four boys and has suffered from primary biliary cirrhosis for 15 years. It’s a rare disease that slowly deteriorates bile ducts in one’s liver. Williams is currently in a Vancouver hospital waiting for a liver transplant.

To help her out, Wendy Brown of Burns Lake is planning to run 23km from Francois Lake to Spirit Square in Burns Lake to raise money and awareness for Williams’ family.

William’s sister Gloria Berg is also helping out and said she is so humbled by Wendy’s incredible gesture.

“I’m very grateful for her. She loves to run anyways and it’s just very heartwarming, touching, and makes me feel so emotional that she’d do that for out baby sister,” she says.

Wendy’s run begins next Sunday at 8 am and will end in Spirit Square, where Gloria will be selling hot dogs and pop to raise money and cheer on Wendy as she crosses the finish line.

Anyone who wishes to donate hot dogs or get involved can call Gloria at 250.696.3122.

The following is a modified email from Gloria Berg to MooseFM:

This is my sis, Rhoda Williams. Her fiance has been with her for over ten yrs and is still by her side in Vancouver. His name is Darren Mckay. We were just doing a surprise wedding for her on 14 June, but her illness has gotten worse so they flew her to Vancouver. Rhoda is the youngest of 9 children and is a caring, giving person who has been there for others in their time of need. Now, I am repaying her by fundraising to give her a chance to get well and not have to worry about her four boys. 
This picture is when she was starting to show signs of primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC). 




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