The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is reporting a 5 percent increase in Scam Tracker reports about COVID-19 scams, with almost 60 percent of victims losing money.

These scams result in victims losing an average of almost $75, as well as personal and banking information through the submission of fake online forms.

Nearly half of COVID-19 scams reported were encountered online

Among the types of scams to be aware of: fake COVID-19 vaccines and cures, discounted travel, and video streaming subscriptions.

Some scams were designed to impersonate government departments and legitimate businesses, luring Canadians trying to apply for COVID-19 relief benefits and job opportunities.

To avoid falling victim to COVID-19 fraud, the BBB advises Canadians to buy from reputable sources, be aware of federal and provincial support, and be wary of unsolicited texts, emails, and calls.

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre has a webpage designed to warn Canadians about of COVID-19 related fraud, warning that some individuals may be taking advantage of concerns around high-demand household products, and concerns about sanitation.

Canada-wide, the Candian Anti Fraud Centre is reporting $1.2 million dollars lost to COVID-19 fraud between March 6th and May 1st.

Similarly, the BBB has a webpage offering COVID-19 support and information.