School District 54 has already started welcoming some elementary students back as of Tuesday (May 19) twice a week.

This is after the province advised schools to start gradually allowing students to return on a part-time basis.

According to SD54 Superintendent Mike McDiarmid, distance learning activities are provided and at-home learning will continue.

He added the planning process on having a partial return to class has been underway for a couple of months.

McDiarmid said he went to some schools and the students were happy and were following physical distancing.

“Many are excited to be back and we’re hopeful that over time, of course, this is a voluntary piece for parents if they want their students to come and we’re hopeful that more will take us up on the offer as things go forward,” he said.

On June 1, secondary students will have an opportunity to attend in-person classes one day a week.

Students will hear from the secondary schools on a schedule.

McDiarmid also said as of right now school buses are still suspended until the district hears more information from the province.

“We have gotten some advice from the province but a lot of it is not necessarily clear so we’re kind of waiting, I know they’re working on it and try to provide us more clear guidelines about how to arrange busing and make sure everyone’s safe,” he said.

McDiarmid added students will learn about physical distancing, handwashing and other protocols to keep themselves and others safe.