BC Wildfire Service crews will be conducting fuel management treatments in the Lund Road Subdivision in Houston.

The treatment is expected to happen within the coming weeks.

According to a statement, the treatment will reduce the risk and potential impact of wildfire on nearby residences and properties.

The treatment area will cover 4.3 hectares in the area of Lund Road.

The area has been targeted due to the large volume of dead and blown down immature spruce and pine trees, the statement said.

According to BCWS, the treatment unit is located within a much larger scale wildfire hazard reduction project that was completed in 2010, but it was left untreated due to the soft ground restricting machine access.

All treatments will be conducted manually by fire crews.

BCWS also said last year wood debris was hand piled into approximately 50 two metres by two metres and will be burned over the next three weeks and after fuel management treatment will continue.

BCWS are reminding residents that venting conditions will be considered before ignition to help smoke dissipate as quickly as possible and signage will be posted when a chainsaw will be operating in the area.