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Local Smithers man raises awareness for lawn mower safety after accident

The War Amps are reminding parents and children about lawn mower safety with a story from a 20 year-old Smithers man.

Adam Kingsmill,joined the War Amps Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program after he lost his right leg before the knee when he ran into the path of a riding lawn mower in his backyard at two years old.

photo of Adam Kingsmill, 20 (supplied by: The War Amps)

According to Kingsmill, he worked around lawn mowers when he was younger and after his accident his parents made a decision to amputate his leg while in hospital.

Kingsmill said he has made it his goal to raise awareness to prevent other kids from being in lawn mower accidents.

“As a kid you don’t really know so much but it’s more making it aware for parents right now for the younger generation but kids that are able to understand it you just have to make sure you look around your surroundings, what’s going on around you before you play amd know what’s going on,” he said.

He added he has felt supported by the Smithers community, family and friends.

Kingsmill also said War Amps has been supportive of helping him and his family with understanding his disability.

“They introduced my parents to other parents and introduced me to kids and growing up around them, I really realized that I can be comfortable in my own skin and be who I am and be comfortable with it and just all of their support has made me the person I am and I can’t thank them enough,” he said.

The War Amps PLAYSAFE program was implemented in 1978 after many children who have lost limbs while at play were being enrolled in the CHAMP program

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