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HomeNewsNorthwest Fire Centre sees less fires during the 2020 season

Northwest Fire Centre sees less fires during the 2020 season

The Northwest Fire Centre has seen a slow wildfire season for 2020.

Since April 1 the fire centre has seen 22 fires so far in the 2020 season.

According to Northwest Fire Centre Communications Specialist Cathy L’Orsa, the ten year average is 51 but, at this time in 2019 there were 81 fires.

L’Orsa said with the long weekend approaching there is a concern of more fires igniting.

“We’re definitely seeing an increase hazard in the forecast for warmer weather for the rest of the week so, we are making sure everyone is being aware and we have been finding a significant amount of abandoned campfires so, we do want to remind everyone to completely extinguish their campfires,” she said,

L’Osa also said the slow fire season is due to the increase in rain the region has seen over June and July.

“We’re lucky that we have taken so much rain that everything is really lush and green, so it will be harder to start on fire but we’re definitely wanting to make sure everyone is being safe and diligent,” she said.

L’Orsa added the Northwest Fire Centre currently has no active fires.

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