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HomeNewsProperty crime, vehicle thefts increase in Hazeltons

Property crime, vehicle thefts increase in Hazeltons

Property crime, including vehicle thefts, has increased in the Hazeltons and surrounding areas according to the RCMP.

Police say they have been taking steps to mitigate and respond to the calls but are also asking for the public’s assistance in reducing the opportunity for thieves to strike. 

Police have given tips on how to prevent the risk of thefts:

  • Lock Vehicle doors at all times, even when parked at a home driveway.
  • Never leave your car running and with your keys in it if you’re not inside the vehicle.
  • In public spaces like street parking or parking lots, make sure to leave your vehicle in a well-lit area.
  • Consider installing security cameras or motion sensor lights that will illuminate the area where your vehicle is parked overnight. Bright lights and the opportunity for witnesses to observe or interrupt are deterrents to this sort of crime.
  • Remove valuable items, like wallets and purses, sunglasses, and phones from your car before leaving it unattended. 
  • Cover or hide spare change, cords, or garage door openers. Do not leave unwrapped gifts or shopping bags in view.
  • Put away other items from your yard or patio that are visible from the street.

RCMP is also advising to not approach someone who is committing a crime but instead call 9-1-1

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