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HomeNewsSmithers RCMP give back to school safety tips

Smithers RCMP give back to school safety tips

Students are heading back to school this week and the RCMP want to remind parents and students about road safety.

According to Smithers RCMP, they are encouraging parents of younger students to plan a safe route and to practice the route before class begins.

Staff Sgt. Terry Gillespie said with the COVID-19 restrictions students are being encouraged to walk instead of taking the bus if possible.

“Getting out there and practicing the route that your children are going to take to and from school is really important. Obviously a reminder to cross at designated crosswalks with a walk signal and for those that are driving make sure to stop in both directions for a school bus with its lights flashing,” he said.

Gillespie added arrangements for picking up your children from school should be made before school starts as much as possible.

He also gave some tips for drivers while school is back in session.

“We also have a reminder that COVID-19 safety regulations school lunches and breaks are staggered so that’s going to cause likely more students outside throughout the day at unexpected or different times,” he said.

Some students have been outside of the classroom since March because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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