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HomeNewsBulkley Valley Pool re-opens to the public with new protocols

Bulkley Valley Pool re-opens to the public with new protocols

It has been one week since the Bulkley Valley Pool and Rec Centre has reopened after being closed for nearly seven months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Precautions have been put in place to ensure the safety of staff and visitors.

A pre-booking service has been implemented and will undergo a three week trial period.

The facilities schedule started on Sept 14 and will run until Oct 3.

Tamara Gillis, BV Pool Facility Manager explained what the system will look like.

“Everyone will be required to book ahead so, either online or by phone, just give us a call and book for what activity you would like to do, some leisure swims, some lane swim time and we have our fitness gym open,” she said.

Gillis also said with the reopening swimming lessons and classes will be on hold.

“We don’t anticipate offering swimming lessons until December at the earliest. We just want to focus on operating and getting our new system down in a safe way,” she said.

Gillis added the facility will look different compared to before the pandemic.

The Houston Leisure Services also opened Monday (Sept 21) and the facility is also operating a reservation system.

The schedule will run from Sept 21 until Oct 2.

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