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HomeNewsWitset community sees 14 active COVID-19 cases

Witset community sees 14 active COVID-19 cases

The Witset First Nation, located about 25 minutes west of Smithers, now has 14 active cases of COVID-19.

“This is not about individuals, this is about taking measures to eliminate the threat of COVI-19 and protect ourselves and our families,” explained Beverly Clifton Percival, Health Director at Witset Health Centre.

The community has been dealing with a COVID-19 outbreak for a week as of yesterday (Friday).

“We are in it for the long haul and it requires us to reduce our contacts,” she added.

According to Stats Canada, the COVID-19 case fatality rate for First Nations individuals living on-reserve is about one-fifth of the fatality rate in the general Canadian population

Last week, the Witset Band Office Health Center and all KWES facilities closed in response to the three confirmed cases.

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