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“Survivors can still be triggered” Dze L’Kant Friendship Centre on Orange Shirt Day

Residents across the province and the country are taking part in Orange Shirt Day on September 30 to remember all residents and people who have passed on in residential schools.

Orange Shirt Day is also to provide awareness of what went on in residential schools.

According to Dze L’Kant Friendship Centre mental health support worker, Sonia Palmer on Orange Shirt Day staff from the friendship centre will be dressed in orange and march up Main St. in Smithers.

Palmer said residential schools not only have impacts on the survivors but their families as well.

“They basically when something is going on the survivors can still be triggered by things so, it’s a very traumatic thing that the survivors and non- survivors went through,” she said.

Palmer added she finds the conversation around Orange Shirt Day encouraging.

She also said what people should take away from Orange Shirt Day.

“Remember the survivors and also to remember those who have passed on that were in residential schools,” she said.

She added Orange Shirt Day is also a way to commemorate the survivors of residential schools and offering more knowledge about the day.

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