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HomeNewsClaude Parish Memorial Arena in Houston open to the public

Claude Parish Memorial Arena in Houston open to the public

The Claude Parish Memorial in Houston is opening to the public as of Thursday (Oct 1). 

According to Director of Leisure Services, Tasha Kelly staff have worked hard to get the ice into the arena and to get a COVID preparedness plan in place. 

Kelly added the facility only lost two weeks in March before its normal closure. 

Among the protocols in place at the arena are that all users must have a booked time, each association has to have a COVID ambassador at the door who will greet all of the participants and anyone not in an association will not be allowed in the facility. 

Kelly also explained some additional protocols that have been implemented in the arena.

“Like many other businesses we have one way in and one way onto the ice, there are no player benches and there are no change rooms right now, so we are asking that all users and patrons come prepared to go on the ice,” she said.

Kelly added as of right now staff does not have to wear masks because of not being close with the public.

She also said the staff does expect to see many changes.

“The facility as we knew it once before as the coming and going social hub isn’t going to quite the same this year we’re only allowed to have 20 people on the ice at once and 20 people are going to be allowed in the stands for one parent per child,” Kelly said. 


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