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First Nation Major Project Coalition breaks ground in project assessment process

The First Nation Major Projects Coalition has released a new ‘how-to’ guide for Indigenous Nations to effectively get involved in project impact assessment processes.

“The work that we do is help Indigenous communities build capacity to do better environmental assessments of major projects that are being proposed within their respective territory,” explained Angel Ransom, Director of Operations and Impact Assessment Lead.

The guides describe how First Nations groups and communities will be working with businesses and the government on developing projects surrounding Indigenous communities.

The Coalition was created 5 years ago when 13 Northern BC First Nations came together to provide advisory support on developing joint partnerships with businesses and discussing federal impact assessment processes.

Ransom explains the coalition, “increases public trust and builds relationships in the new process.”

Funding for this guide was provided by the Federal Government, as the coalition has been working with the Canadian Government since the group noticed some inadequacies with  Bill C-69

“In past experiences when First Nations have negotiated an ownership position in major infrastructure projects on their lands, they have not been able to arrange financing to realize ownership, or at least at terms that would provide a meaningful return,” explained the First Nations Major Project website.

“In addition, it will mean having a more efficient process so that economic opportunities across Canada aren’t hindered or delayed due to regulatory processes,” added Ransom.

There are now over 67 First Nations communities and organizations from across Canada in the group since it was created 5 years ago.

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