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BC bettors banking on Trump to win US Election

The 2020 US Election is now the single most popular betting event in the history of the BC Lottery Corporation’s website.

In comparison, the 2016 American election saw 72-hundred bets placed.

Spokesperson, Matt Lee told Vista Radio gamblers across the province have nearly doubled that figure.

“12-thousand bets have been made on the 2020 election with more than three million dollars placed on either candidate so far, it’s just been unreal the amount of interest we have seen from British Columbians in regards to the US election this year.”

Lee added the majority of bettors are banking on a second term for Donald Trump.

Democratic Joe Biden is taking less money from gamblers across BC even though he is leading in the polls. Vista Radio stock photo)

“Somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.4 million dollars has been placed on Donald Trump to get that second term, it’s about three thousand plus bets at this point and in total, we are looking at a three-and-a-half million dollar payout for players who wagered on Trump.”

Even though Joe Biden is ahead in the polls, just 29% of all wagers have been placed on him.

Other popular bets include state betting, electoral college voting, and popular vote betting.

“I can tell you that there is a wide array of bets that are made, everything from as little as a buck to significant dollars that are looking at the maximum payouts of $100,000. It is a wide range of bets that are being made at, some are very small bettors who are playing for the first time, and then there are others that are really trying to put their money in Trump’s corner looking for that six-figure payout.”

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