The Bulkley Valley and Lakes saw close to average temperatures for the month of November.

That is according to Environment Canada who also said the average temperature was 4.3 degrees which is warmer compared to the 4.1 average.

Meteorologist Doug Lundquist said The Valley and Lakes saw slightly more precipitation than normal for this time of year.

“There was about 181mm of rain and snow melted usually there is about 173 so, within measurement reasons, dead-on average, Average for temperatures and precipitation which is kind of rare,” he said.

Lundquist added for the upcoming winter season there are three categories, above average, below average, and near average but as of right now the region could see temperatures go either way.

He also said the winter season is coming in like a lamb.

“December is starting out and for the next week or two warmer than average in general for the Bulkley Valley. As we get into January we’re going to tip the scale to most likely colder and certainly, by February and the end of winter we’ll likely be in the cold category,” he said.

Lundquist added winter is starting later but is expected to drag on later as well.