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70% of BC residents satisfied with pandemic response: Research Co.

The response continues to be favourable from residents on how the provincial government has attacked COVID-19.

In a recent poll from Research Co, 70% of people who were asked remain satisfied with the current response, but that’s a drop of about 13 points when the same question was asked in September.

President, Mario Canseco spoke with Vista Radio.

“It shows that the public is certainly cautious and optimistic about the way things are going to be happening. So, the numbers are certainly down from what they were in September but it is still the best rating among any government in the country when it comes to handling COVID-19.”

“This was not the same situation we faced back in September, and we have seen the number of cases also climb to higher levels over the past few weeks in Alberta, Quebec, and Ontario and it shows that the population is worried about what can happen.”

According to the poll, 68% of respondents in both Ontario and Quebec are pleased with how their provinces are dealing with COVID-19.

The same could not be said for Alberta where the satisfaction rate is 46%, which is considered an all-time low.

The poll also stated that 73% of respondents in Canada will definitely or probably take a vaccine for COVID-19 while 14% would not.

“Even though we have seen the psyche of Canadians change when it comes to the way COVID-19 has been handled or whether the worst is kind of, sort of is upon us, there is still a group that does not want to get vaccinated even if the COVID-19 situation is something that is worrying them,” added Canseco.

For a link to the entire poll, click here.

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