Nancy A. Roisum Chartered Professional Accountant Ltd. is advising the public of scam phone calls that are using the office phone number.

According to Chartered Professional Accountant Nancy Roisum, clients who are receiving the phone calls are being asked for their social insurance number.

She added she was made aware of the scams earlier this week.

Roisum provided some advice for clients who do receive a phone call.

“If they are receiving these definitely hang up don’t press anything, don’t press any numbers, don’t say anything and hang up and give me or their accountant a call and their accountant can generally look into their account and see if there is an issue,” she said.

Roisum also said there is not much that can be done to prevent the scams from happening unless the person reports it to the RCMP.

“It’s difficult to track these kinds of scams, so we’re just trying to bring awareness,” She said.

Roisum also added if you are not familiar with the phone call to hang up because it can be difficult to get back from a scam.

RCMP have also advised anyone who is a victim of a scam to report it to the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501.