Two impaired driving calls were among the 80 that Smithers RCMP responded to during the week of Feb 5 to Feb 12.

The first call was while Smithers RCMP were conducting routine patrols.

Police saw a blue pickup truck with snow obstructing the back license plate.

The RCMP pulled over the vehicle and during the stop police suspected the driver was under the influence of alcohol.

The driver provided a breath sample, which was over the provincial limit.

A Three Day Immediate Roadside Prohibition was issued to the driver and the vehicle was impounded.

Smithers RCMP also responded to another impaired driver after a vehicle was seen making an improper turn on Broadway Ave and Queen St and drove into a snowbank.

The police officer then saw the driver back out of the snowbank and proceeded into the Liquor Warehouse parking lot.

RCMP were concerned about the sobriety of the driver, so a traffic stop was conducted.

The driver provided a breath sample which was over the provincial limit which then resulted in a 90 day Roadside Immediate Prohibition and the vehicle was impounded.

Police are also advising the public of a pet scam that was reported to the Smithers RCMP.

The caller sent money to the ad poster and to hold the pet until delivery or pickup could be arranged.

Following the sending of the money there was no further contact.

Smithers RCMP advised the public there are many resources available to make yourself aware regarding potential fraud and if you are a victim of a scam, to call the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501.