Smithers Town Council has approved a Temporary Use Permit for Bulkley Valley Little Horizons to establish a childcare facility on Highway 16.

The facility would be located at 4414 Highway 16.

According to Councillor Lorne Benson, he understands why there was disagreement about the proximity of the location to the Highway.

Councillor Casda Thomas added regarding the Highway concern that the children at the facility are younger, therefore the level of outside play might not be the same if the children were older.

β€œI think this is important, I think we need these spaces and the risks can be mitigated,” she said.

Thomas also added daycares are heavily regulated and believes safety is its number one priority.

Councillor Mika Meyer also repeated the need for daycare spots in the community after a draft childcare plan presentation.

β€œIt just shows that we need these spots and we have seen Little Horizons daycare really putting in an effort to try and find a place to fill the spot where they are leaving right now,” she said.

The permit for BV Little Horizons was passed unanimously and also received numerous letters of support for the facility.